A perfect blend of
modern style and tradition


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At QUINDICI, we’d be happy to tailor our room and menu to suit your needs and tastes.


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Quindici15 is:
A voyage of sensations…
A meeting of beauty and emotion…
The romanticism of Klimt and his decorative art…
The charm of an attentive staff and fine cuisine reinvented…
It all awaits, between The Waiting and The Kiss…

“Nothing is ever lost or created. Everything is transformed.”

Antoine Lavoisier, chemist and philosopher

While refined materials are once again fashionable in European design, I wanted to make Quindici15 a showcase for the extraordinary beauty that emanates from bountiful raw metals. The marriage of copper, brass, quartz mirror and crystal glass creates a stark contrast with the immaculately white, streamlined look that is in vogue or the industrial trend adopted by the majority of urban businesses. The owners of Quindici15 wanted instead to create an interior inspired by the great classics.

Both halves of the space – an intimate decor on one side and a jazzy ambiance on the other – are united by rich Art Deco-style textures. Surrounded by the romantic charm of Gustave Klimt, which is strongly represented in my artistic approach, the eye is drawn to the beauty of the Murano glass chandeliers that seem to float within the space as if through an illusion on a stage, where the grandeur of the design naturally unfolds throughout.

We invite our guests to experience the wonderfully warm setting of Quindici15. Quindici, which means “fifteen” in Italian, is not only a reference to its address, 15 Bélanger Street, but also a tip to the French phrase coin d’ici or “neighbourhood corner” – a charming destination in the heart of Little Italy.

Line Lyonnais, designer and graphic artist


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We encourage you to make your reservation as early as possible so we can ensure your visit is as enjoyable as possible.


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QUINDICI’s inviting spaces offer something for every mood…

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